Intelligent break software

Your body tells you when you need to move

What is Sit & Stand

Sit & Stand is an app that prompts the user to take breaks from sitting still based on measurements from the connected smartwatch.

This stimulates regular movement to decrease pain and stress. Completely based on your body's individual needs.

Have you been putting in the hours since working from home?

Is it taking a toll on you mentally and physically?

Since the start of the pandemic we have been more productive at work but also moving much less.

It isn't yet known what the consequences will be on the long term to our mental and physical wellbeing but we do know neglecting to move frequently enough has a draining effect on our energy and it can lead to back and neck pain.


We need to reconnect with our bodies.

Manage work and make time for health with Sit & Stand 

How does it work?

Watch this

Watch this video for more info on Sit & Stand

Sit & Stand will be an innovation in the field of break-software. 

It gives you insight into what is happening in your body and allows you to correct and improve it in real-time.

The first version of the app is in development. We hope to share this app soon! Please sign-up below to stay updated

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