Work-it-Out Online

€ 78,00

Vitaal en pijnvrij op het werk

A workplace that supports your body will enable you to work pain free and for longer. Make sure your office is adapted to your needs.
Work-it-Out online guides you by taking all factors into account and holistically approaches a healthy working environment

Product advice

Recommendations to products that would suit your unique situation


Access to custom selected exercise videos for 4 weeks

Report of findings and advice

Receive all advice and adjustments in a comprehensive report

Presented by Ame Harris

Ame has been active as a clinical physiotherapist since 2015. She has a passion for movement and regards it as an organic means to solve pain and musculoskeletal disorders. 

After completion of the Mulligan technique, she often instructs patients to use self-mobilisationn techniques for pain relief. In combination with the knowledge acquired during the 'Movement Therapist' course offered by Comera Movement Science, she gets lasting, long-term results.

BIG-number: 69921104304

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